Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef comes to an end

On May 20, Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef finally found his winner. Ayesha Siddiqui Pinky, a 28-year-old student from Dhaka North, won the best prize after a hard-fought final against Shampa Rahman, a 32-year-old housewife, one Of the winners of the Dinajpur Hearing Tournament. The Grand Final of Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef was held at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) of the city. Judges Nazma Huda, Chief Daniel Gomes, Tarik Anam and guest judge and television personality, Mim, presided over the proceedings.

After winning the prize, Ayesha was overcome with emotions. Her mother was also present and went to hug her daughter and celebrate one of the greatest moments of her daughter's life. She said that she was extremely proud. Ayesha also informed that it was his mother who had encouraged him most in the pursuit of the culinary arts. "Now that I have won, there is even more evidence that I should really do whatever I can in this particular area," said Ayesha.

Shampa Rahman, the first runner expressed his disappointment while congratulating his opponent. "I'm very sad that I can not be the Super Chef. But it was wonderful to come and participate here in this competition, "she said. Before the grand finale, the competition pitted the remaining three against each other. In this round, while Shampa and Ayesha Qualified to go to the final, Maymuna Akter fell short and became the second finalist.

For the Grand Final, Shampa and Ayesha had the choice of two boxes, Set A and Set B. Using the ingredients in the boxes, they should prepare a four-course meal. The four-course meal would include an aperitif, a main dish, a main course and a dessert. The whole A comprised two main ingredients, shrimp and duck. Game B was a total surprise. If a participant liked Set A, they might choose Set B. But once you refused to take Set A, you could not change your mind. Participants chose not to take the risk and settle for Set A. The main elements of Set B were fish and chicken.

Once the ingredients were selected, participants had time to present their dishes, one by one, offering the first part of each course. Participants received 40 minutes for aperitif, 35 minutes for shrimp, 50 minutes for main course and 40 minutes for dessert. They individually presented each dish and the judges voted by dish. The count began to favor Pinky first, but then the equilibrium was advanced towards Shampa. Until the last plate was assessed and the last vote was counted, no one could know with certainty who would win. This was not a walk and instead was fiercely fought. In the end, it appeared to a simple difference of two voices with 9 votes for Pinky and 7 for Shampa.

This then decided that Ayesha would be the Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef 2017. When asked what it was doing, she managed to answer, Ayesha had a very simple answer and one Suggestion for aspiring leaders. "Concentrate," she said, without any hesitation. That was what earned her the crown and it was the quality that she enjoyed the most. "When I was in the top 20, I knew that there was no look back, I had to stay focused, you have to immerse yourself in the competition and not worry about what Happens around you or what people are saying, "she said. She also informed that pre-planning was a waste. It simply increased the levels of anxiety. "Pre-planning will not help you much," she said. "You have to think and work instantly, you have to trust your first instinct.

The victory of Ayesha Siddiqui meant that she received the Super Chef crest with the silver prize of Tk 10 lake. Shampa Rahman, the first finalists, received a crest and silver prize from the Tk 5 lake while Maymuna Akter, who was eliminated in the last round, received a crest and a cash prize at the Tk 3 lake. "We have performed four consecutive seasons and for that I am very happy. Supporting a long-term show was our goal and every year we see a major difference," said Faisal Mahmud, marketing director of Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited. "Participants approach the show differently and more professionally, and the improvement is remarkable, and this year we brought a large number of diverse professionals from the Manhattan fish market leader to a caterer, The diversity of the show, "he said.

Rupchanda-The Daily Star Super Chef is considered one of Bangladesh's greatest culinary competitions. This year, the fourth edition of the competition took place across the country, with 17 regional rounds. More than 2000 participants participated in the competition with a choice of a few who made the cut for the competition after the completion of the testing of the hearing. Those who did the cut were subjected to testing tests that were designed to push their culinary knowledge and endurance up to the limit. Participants constantly found themselves in various pressure-cooker situations, with errors proved costly to deserve elimination.

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