Gulshan raid an ‘attack on democracy’: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul, Islam Alamgir said today that the raid in the office of the president of the Khaleda Zia party "amounts to attacking democracy."

"This is not a raid.It is an attack on democracy.When BNP is working to change the political culture, such an attack in the meantime is an alarming sign for democracy" , did he declare.

He presented the statement while approaching an exchange view with the new elected committee of the city of Dhaka (South) BNP in a city hotel.

In a surprising move, the police attacked the office on 20 May to seize "materials to carry out anti-state and subversive activities". They found nothing during the search for more than two hours.

The raid was conducted as a result of a "mysterious" (GD) general newspaper filed Friday at the Gulshan Police Station. The police did not reveal the identity of the person who filed the newspaper.

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