Gulshan Cafe Attack: Tahmid acquitted

Tahmid Hasib Khan, who was arrested to "incite" the Gulshan cockroach attackers and also charged with not giving the police information as a survivor of the attack, is now free .

A Dhaka court yesterday acquitted Tahmid of a charge filed for failing to inform the police about the terrorist attack in Gulshan Holey Artisan Bakery on July 1 last year.

"Tahmid was acquitted because the charge against him was not proved in the testimony of eight prosecution witnesses in court," Metropolitan Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan said in his short-term verdict .

Tahmid, who was on bail, was present in court during the verdict.

Shortly after the verdict, Tahmid's attorney, Masud Arif Bhuiyan, told The Daily Star that he was satisfied because his client was acquitted.

The unit officials against terrorism and transnational crime arrested Tahmid on August 3 in the city under Article 54 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CPS) to "incite" the assailants Of Gulshan coffee.

On 2 October, the police submitted an investigation report to the Dhaka court, stating that they found no evidence of its ties with the Gulshan attackers or with other militants.

Tahmid was released on bail the day.

In the report, the investigating officer of the Gulshan Coffee attack, Inspector Humayun Kabir of the CTTC unit, said That Tahmid had hidden information about the Holey Artisan Café attack, even though he had been asked to give information several times.

On the same day, the court asked law enforcement officials to file a complaint against Tahmid for hiding information.

Tahmid, a Toronto university student, and Hasnat Reza Karim, a former professor at a private university, have captured the immense attention of the media and social media after photographs and video footage show that " They apparently had conversations with the assailants during the coffee siege.

Tahmid came to Dhaka one day before the attack on July 1, when armed militants kept guests and staff in the cafe.

The attackers killed 20 hostages – nine Italian, seven Japanese, two Bangladeshi, one Indian and one US citizen born in Bangladesh – and two policemen who tried to end the deadlock shortly After starting around 20:40.

The Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack.

Tahmid went to the restaurant with two female students from a private university. They both survived the attack.

Hasnat, also a British citizen, was also arrested under Article 54 of CrPC on 3 August last year


Article 54 says that the police can arrest anyone suspected without a warrant of arrest.

On 13 August, Hasnat was arrested in the case of terrorist attack. Tahmid and Hasnat were interrogated for several days in pre-trial detention.

While the police continued to assert that Hasnat and Tahmid had been released after interrogation, their families insisted on never returning home and could not be reached by any means.

Hasnat went to the restaurant with his wife and two children, said the family members, adding that they were celebrating the birthday of one of his daughters.

The attackers allowed Tahmid and Hasnat to leave Holey Artisan with other hostages before army commandos stole coffee to end the deadliest militant attack from the country.

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