Canada: No plans to clamp down at border to deter migrants

Canada will not tighten its border to deter migrants from illegally crossing the United States as a result of a crackdown on US immigration because the numbers are not large enough to cause an alarm , A government minister said on Saturday.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the issue had not reached a scale that required to hinder the flow of goods and people crossing the longest undefended border in the world


Hundreds of people, mostly from Africa and the Middle East, defied winter conditions and crossed the border to seek asylum. They are fleeing the repression of President Donald Trump's immigration, say migrants and agencies for refugees.

It is not frequent to have so many asylum-seekers in the United States in search of a shelter in Canada over such a short period of time. The influx poses a political risk to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who faces pressure from the left, who wants more to let in, and the right, who fears an increased security risk.

"We are concerned and we will properly handle the extra hundreds (crossing illegally)," Goodale told reporters at a televised news conference in Emerson, Manitoba. "But the entire border deals with 400,000 people who travel both ways on a daily basis, and who manages $ 2.5 billion of trade daily."

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