All 3 kids buried alive, parents live to ache

The couple and their three children gathered in their hut while it was raining hard all day and night on Monday. The parents left their children's camp early yesterday to clean up the mess of mud sprinkled, and suddenly a large piece of land came crashing down on them.

Moments later, when the people living nearby dug the family, Swapan, still shaken by the shock, saw his children fall asleep as before the coward.

But soon, as he was advancing on the parents that their little angels were no longer, they burst into groans of grief. They inquired about how they could save their children.

"Why did not we just leave our house when the rain did not stop?" Swapan's wife, Sumi, sobbed.

The family lived on a slope of the hill in Lamujiri Para under Sadar upazila of Bandarban.

Setu, aged ten, was the eldest child, and the other two were Lata of two and a half years old and Hridoy, aged seven.

Without them, "how we are going to live now," cried the mother.

Swapan, who cultivates the land of the other to live, and his family has lived in the area for three years, said Sumon Barua, a neighbor and one of those who went to the rescue Of the family after the incident.

"We were cleaning the mud around 2:30 …" All my children died on the spot [as earth fell on them]. I could not save them, "said Swapan.

As his family, some 50 other families were living at risk on the hillside slopes in the area, said Paimra Marma, a member of the Lamujiri neighborhood, in place of the incident.

A large number of thatch and thatch houses were built by digging hills in Kalaghata, Lungi Para, Sikdar Para and New Gulshan in Bandarban, and on both sides of the Chittagong-Bandarban road, rainy season .

Neither the District Administration nor the District Council of Bandarban Hill took any steps to rehabilitate vulnerable families on the lips, the residents said.

Sufia Khatun lives in such a thatched house in Banorupa by.

She said her family could not afford a better home and so they were forced to live at risk. "Nobody cares about our future."

District administration has so far taken no visible steps to prevent people from building houses on the slopes of the hills. It has not even taken action against land abusers who build houses by cutting hills, according to sources of district administration.

Dilip Kumar Banik, Deputy Commissioner of Bandarban, said that people living at the foot of the hills were invited to leave the areas yesterday and that the Disaster Management Committee of Bandarban will today convene a meeting of experts, 39 urgency to discuss the matter.

Approximately 60,000 people in the hill area are vulnerable to landslides during the rains due to the massive hill cut and the construction of houses on the hillsides, due to the negligence of the authorities and Their indifference to law enforcement, according to sources.

Every year, landslides kill many people in the district. In 2012, a similar incident left at least 27 people killed in the remote area of ​​Faitong under Lama upazila and in 2015, nine people including five of a family were killed in the Lama upazila and Bandarban area.

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