World food prices climb in May

World food prices rose in May from the previous month after three months of decline, and the food import bill to the world is expected to pass in 2017, The United Nations Food Agency


Higher values ​​for all food products, with the exception of sugar, increased prices in international markets 10% compared to the same month last year, said the 39 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Increased shipping costs and higher import volumes is due to the cost of importing food products globally to more than 1, $ 3 trillion in 2017, FAO said.

This would be a 10.6% increase over the 2016 import bill, despite strong market stability supported by many supplies of wheat and corn And higher production of oilseed products.

Poor countries that rely on imports to cover their food needs and part of Sub-Saharan Africa are well on their way to an even faster increase in their import costs, They buy more meat products, sugar, dairy products and oilseeds.

All food categories, with the exception of fish, should be added to rising import bills, as robust growth of aquaculture in many Developing countries is increasingly responding to domestic demand.

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