Robots may steal as many as 800m jobs in next 13yrs

A new study estimates that between 400 million and 800 million jobs will be automated by 2030.

McKinsey Global Institute's research brings a new perspective to what is becoming an increasingly worrying picture of the future employment landscape, reports Fortune.

"We will all have to change and learn to do new things over time," said Michael Chui, a partner of the institute, in Bloomberg, according to Fortune.

In places where labor is cheaper and technology costs more, jobs may be less vulnerable than in more developed markets.

In the United States, it seems that the middle class has the most to fear, office administrators and construction equipment operators among those who risk losing their jobs or seeing their wages fall.

The study also examined the potential sources of a new demand for labor and gave good news. Many new jobs should be created by things like the companies spending the extra revenue unlocked by the deployment of automation, and the health care demands of aging populations, according to Wired.

"There will be enough jobs for each of us in most scenarios," reports Wired, citing Susan Lund, co-author of the report.

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