Online sales rocket ahead of Pahela Baishakh

E-commerce sites are animated by promotions and orders before Pahela Baishakh, while people rush to shop online, mainly for outfits and fashion accessories.

Targeting the Bangla New Year, online traders offer huge discounts and refund options, which helps them save 40 to 50 percent more orders than usual.

Razib Ahmed, president of the Bangladesh Electronic Commerce Association (e-CAB), said: "The number of orders we receive now in a week is usually the amount we receive in a month."

In its third year, e-CAB observes today's e-commerce day.

Targeting Pahela Baishakh, traders organize online campaigns and give huge cuts this year, said Ahmed. "We have asked our members to make variations in their offers."

AKM Fahim Mashroor, founder of, said that business houses typically generate about 15,000 online orders a day, increasing by 40% around the clock Of the festival.

Without official study on the recent size of this market, it is not less than Tk 600 crore, increasing by 50% per year, he added.

E-commerce sales in Bangladesh accounted for about Tk 400 crore by the end of 2015, according to LightCastle Partners, a research center that works on digital services.

Hiring the government to introduce paid premiums for his staff during Pahela Baishakh since last year, said Ahmed, he also helped boost their business. offers up to 50 percent refund on 10,000 Baishakhi products that mainly include sari, panjabi, salwar kameez, t-shirt and kids clothing.

Daraz Bangladesh Ltd ( offers discounts of up to 70%; It also organizes a Baishakhi fair from 30 March to 14 April.

Daraz, a regional electronic commerce market, operates in four other countries in the region. It began operations in Bangladesh two years ago and presents more than 60,000 products on its website in different categories targeting Pahela Baishakh.

Due to the success of the Baishakhi fair one week ago last year, she decided to extend the fair mandate this time, said Shayantani Twisha, a company official . The theme of this year's fair is "embrace online shopping, strengthen the economy".

The product delivery chain is also increasing with an increase in online shopping., an e-commerce product delivery service company, is considering a 20 percent increase in orders currently, which go up to 50 percent over the last three days to Pahela Baishakh, said Biplob G Rahul, general manager and founder of the company. "We are currently delivering products outside of Dhaka". Bagdoom, another brand of e-commerce, receives orders from abroad, said Mirajul Huq, its marketing director.

"We are getting an increasing number of overseas orders as gifts for loved ones who live here."

The officials of Daraz and Bagdoom said that they offered additional discounts for online payment, but the market is run by cash on delivery.

In Bagdoom, only 3% of transactions are made by online payments; Cash accounts on 86% and rest comes from the mobile financial sector, said Huq.

"We even offer up to 20 percent extra discount for online payments, but 90 percent of transactions still occur in cash," said Daraz's Twisha.

More than 1,000 e-commerce companies now operate in Bangladesh, in addition to many other platforms that primarily operate their business via Facebook, according to e-CAB.

The government is taking steps to formulate separate policies to help the e-ecommerce sector prosper and strengthen fraud control.

Most of the country's top brands also have online sales and they also get a good response before Pahela Baishakh.

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