‘No Bangladesh govt website affected’

No government website or data center or other infrastructure is still facing a problem after the global cyber attack, which has infected computers in more than 100 countries over the past two days.

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"We checked all government websites and other infrastructure, but we did not find any problems," said Tarique Barkatullah, director of the National Data Center in Bangladesh Computer Council.

In March, Microsoft itself informed its customers of this possible attack and published software to take preventive measures, Barkatullah said.

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Describing the nature of the attack, Barkatullah said he mostly attacks Windows platforms in desktops, laptops and individual users.

However, a senior executive of a private television channel of Asian television, said today that four of their desktops were "attacked" last night.

Faria Hossain, joint editor of television, said that about 20 hours, suddenly she found a notice on her screen and after that she could not work there.

However, the computer team of the chain tried to erase the virus but failed until tonight, she added.

Suman Ahmed Sabir, Strategic Manager of International Internet Gateway (IIG) Fiber @ Home told The Daily Star that "So far we have no information on Massive attacks in the country, with the exception of some individual cases. "

"Our market is dominated by pirated software, however, we are very pleased that this time, no casualties have occurred," said Suman.

About preparing to avoid this type of attack, Suman also suggested to keep backups for computer data and be wary of opening or receiving files from the computer. 39; outside.

Suman also said it was possible to monitor this type of ransomware attack and prevent it from Internet service providers or mobile operators.

"But, again, it is very expensive and if the government constantly supports the cheap internet, the operator can not install such expensive monitoring software as this.

An unprecedented global wave of cyber attacks that hit targets ranging from Russian banks to British hospitals and French auto factories


Mikko Hypponen, director of the cyber security firm F-Secure in Helsinki, told AFP that the attack was "the biggest explosion of ransomware in history, Saying that 130,000 systems in more than 100 countries had been affected.

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