New Yorkers plead guilty to ‘movie-like’ bank heists

Four New Yorkers have pleaded guilty to throwing themselves into bank coffers and fleeing more than $ 5 million worth of burglaries compared to a Hollywood film, US officials said on Friday. .
Michael Mazzara, 45, Charles Kerrigan, 42, and Anthony Mascuzzio, 38, assisted by Christopher Kerrigan, 40, stole more than $ 5 million in cash, jewelry, collectibles and other valuables.

The burglaries took place in Brooklyn and Queens in April and May of last year. All four have pleaded guilty to separate hearings of the Manhattan federal court and will be sentenced next year, prosecutors said. They face the prospect of years behind bars.

"As a scene from a movie, these defendants used torches to cut into the roofs of banks, then safes and chests to steal more than $ 5 million in cash and valuables," he said. said Joon Kim. . The defendants pierced the roofs and vaults of the banks with acetylene torches – targeting an HSBC bank in Brooklyn and a branch of the Federal Maspeth Savings Bank in Queens. In Queens, they hid their crimes by building a plywood shed on the roof.

By breaking open deposit boxes, they snatched more than $ 600,000 in cash and more than $ 4.3 million in diamonds, jewelery and other valuables, according to prosecutors.

At the time of their arrest in July 2016, Bill Bratton, then police commissioner of New York, compared burglaries to the scenes of the film "Heat", describing their work as "well organized, meticulous and elusive".

The 1995 film, starring Robert de Niro and Al Pacino, follows a group of hardened bank robbers who mistakenly leave a clue.

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