Marketers should focus more on digital contents

The industry should focus more on quality digital content, as the market for this segment is booming to meet the growing number of smart customers, analysts said yesterday.

Digital marketing is experiencing many changes in Bangladesh, said Asif Iqbal, executive director of marketing at Meghna Group of Industries


"Here we have to create more and more innovative products (content) to attract smart customers."

The traditional platform and content of the market will not work in this digital age, he added.

The growth of Bangladesh's digital market is much higher than that of India and most Asian countries.

"Here we must bring new innovations to maintain this growth."

Iqbal also urged the government to set a policy for digital content so that agencies that create content get adequate revenue for their products

His comments came at the opening of the Fourth Summit on Digital Marketing at the Le Meridien Dhaka Hotel

At the event, domestic and foreign experts shared their knowledge on how to do marketing using digital platforms.

An initiative of the Bangladesh Brand Forum, the summit was presented by Meghna Group and was organized in association with the Daily Star

Beginning in 2014, this event provides a central platform for marketing enthusiasts, advertising experts and creative professionals to learn and share best practices in digital marketing.

Creative agencies and brand managers should not duplicate Western ideas when formulating a campaign, said Zaved Akhter, director of marketing transformation at Unilever for Asia from South.

"Most of the time, companies do it and fail".

For a digital campaign, the most important segment is content generation, where local ideas and ideas should have priority, Akhter said. Knowing the customer is the most important part, and if you do not understand the customer, all initiatives will be futile, "he said.

Hashmi Rafsanjani, Google's marketing director at Google, said they could find the customers' location, their needs and their way of thinking, and companies can use this information and develop their products with Google help.

"Digital content is the next frontier and I am amazed at how Bangladeshi young people are adopting the changes," said Sanjay Vaghasia, digital director of Banglalink Digital Communication Ltd in his opening speech.

"So, I believe that if we want to remain relevant in the market, we all have to change ourselves according to customer demand."

"Mobile phones have become the most powerful vehicle for digital marketing and we are using it," said Mukit Ahmed, head of e-marketing at the country's third largest telecom operator, Banglalink, 39 a round table.

At the event, Md Azim Hossain, Head of Digital Media at Pran-RFL Group, highlighted the current state of the digital market in the country.

Hossain said that YouTube channels in Bangladesh got three billion views only in June this year.

Technology has evolved but there are still some challenges on the total ecosystem, said Aman Ashraf Faiz, general manager of private satellite TV Gazi TV. Bangladesh now has about 13 active mobile connections crore but penetration of smartphones is less than 30 percent in the country, he said.

So 70% of customers will be out of reach if companies only take plans for digital platforms, Faiz said.

Less than 1 percent of the country's population uses plastic money for the transaction, and no market can succeed with the use of the digital platform if the proportion does not reach 20 per cent.

He said he has plans for both digital and traditional channels.

"Mobile operators are sitting on large customer data, but they can not use it. They have to take a share of responsibility for innovation.

The one-day summit was followed by the first digital marketing award where 50 of the most successful digital campaigns in 2016 were awarded in 13 different categories

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