Hasina woos Indian investors | The Daily Star

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday invited Indian investors to park their funds in all seven sectors of Bangladesh – including infrastructure, electricity, manufacturing and food processing – and Assured all the advantages.

Seeking to sell Bangladesh strong as an attractive investment destination, Hasina told the India-Bangladesh Business Forum that Indian investors would also be able to enjoy the benefits without rights granted to their country by the China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Chile.

Bangladesh benefits from the installation of the General System of Preferences among 38 countries, including the European Union, Japan, Australia and Canada, and no longer a large internal market Of 160 million people, she said at the meeting held at the Taj Palace Hotel.

The country's infrastructure sector needs a $ 20 billion investment by 2030. At present, there are major development projects in the country, Infrastructure such as the Padma multifunctional bridge and the Rooppur nuclear power plant.

Hasina said that Indian investment would be secured under the bilateral investment protection agreement.

In addition, Bangladesh offers attractive packages, such as 100 percent repatriation of profits and invested capital, to foreign investors. She said her government is setting up special economic zones in Mongla, Bheramara and Mirshorai dedicated to Indian investors.

"We will provide you with links back and forth to your businesses. I will ensure that Indian investors get opportunities and all the benefits in Bangladesh," Hasina said.

Bangladesh is making significant socio-economic progress and is on track to become a middle-income country by 2021 and a developing country by 2041.

Hasina then listed the main development indices of Bangladesh's economy, stating that it had reached more than 7.1% of GDP growth last year. By 2020, GDP growth is expected to reach 8%. Per capita income in Bangladesh is high at $ 1,466 and the foreign exchange reserve currently stands at more than $ 30 billion.

"The Indian business community can take full advantage of stable economic growth in Bangladesh, a high demographic dividend, a competitive trade cost and a large consumer base."

She stated that a single-desk act is being finalized to facilitate foreign investors.

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