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Exports maintained their growth rate in November at $ 3.06 billion thanks to increased shipments of clothing, jute and jute, frozen fish and shoes.

Last month's receipts rose 6.22% over the same month last year, when Bangladesh shipped goods worth $ 2.88 billion, according to the Export Promotion Bureau.

Dynamics also helped exports to break the $ 3 billion mark after a gap of two months.

Compared to the previous month's profit of $ 2.84 billion, exports rose 7.74% in November, exceeding the $ 2.87 billion target set by the Department of Commerce for the month.

The total volume of shipments between July and November rose to $ 14.56 billion, up 6.86% from one year to the next.

Clothing representing 82% of total national exports registered $ 11.96 billion in the first five months of the fiscal year, up 7.46% over the same period a year.

Knit exports increased 10.86% year-over-year to $ 6.24 billion in July and November while woven garments rose 3.99% to 5% , 72 billion dollars.

Md Siddiqur Rahman, president of the Apparel Manufacturers and Exporters Association of Bangladesh, however, said that the shipment of clothing should increase by 12 to 15% per year to reach the goal of the world. $ 50 billion export by 2021.

Rahman made some suggestions for supporting exports: offering financial incentives to exporters and improving the infrastructure of Chittagong Port and Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

Exports of leather and leather goods, the second largest export sector after clothing, fell 2.95% year-on-year to reach $ 518.15 million over the period.

In the same category, exports of leather shoes, however, increased by 8.55%.

The shipment of jute and jute products, another important source of revenue, jumped 16.51% to $ 451.16 million.

Jute yarn and string saw their incomes rise as the shipment of raw jute, jute sacks and sacks fell.

The export of frozen fish, live fish and shrimp increased by 10.78% to reach $ 272.40 million, or 32.05% more than the target for the period .

Pharmaceuticals reached $ 43.14 million in July-November, up 23.33% over the same period a year ago. The furniture shipment rose 36.54% to reach $ 18.87 million.

Bangladesh exported goods worth $ 34.66 billion in the last fiscal year and is aiming to earn $ 37.50 billion this year.

Rahman requested that measures be taken to enable exporters to ship goods through direct cargo flights.

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