Developers earned $17b from China App Store: Apple CEO

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook said developers using its platform in China totaled $ 1.8 million, a total of 112 billion yuan (16.93 billion yuan). billions of dollars).

Cook shared the data Sunday during a speech at the public forum on cyber security organized by the Chinese Administration of Cybersecurity (CAC), which oversees the regulation of the Internet, including censorship.

Earlier this year, Apple said the developers had earned about $ 70 billion in total revenue across the store.

[Apple] faces criticism from local users and rights groups for giving in to pressure from cyber-regulators in Beijing after deciding to withdraw hundreds of apps from its Chinese store this year, including apps from messaging and virtual private network services. users are subverting the big Chinese firewall.

Apple views China as its third largest region in terms of sales, but has lost market share in recent years as high-end devices from local competitors continue to gain ground. The company hopes to regain momentum following the release of its iPhone 8 and iPhone X models delivered in November.

The US tech giant said earlier that he had moved his Chinese cloud data to the servers of a local partner in China's Guizhou Province.

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