Cyber breaches have cost shareholders billions since 2013: report

Cyber ​​security violations erode the stock prices of companies continuously, with the finances most affected, a study published by the IT consultant CGI and Oxford Economics found.

Serious computer security violations, such as those with legal or regulatory consequences, involve the loss of hundreds of thousands of registrations and damage to the business brand, have resulted in lower Stock prices averaging 1.8% on a permanent basis, analysis of 65 The companies affected since 2013 globally have found.

Investors in a typical FTSE 100 firm would be worse on average of £ 120 million after such a violation, according to the report. Overall, the cost to shareholders of these 65 companies would be over £ 42 billion ($ 52.40 billion).

CGI's analysis compared the stock prices of each company compared to a cohort of similar companies to isolate the impact of cyber-breaks on other market movements, Incidents detailed in a violation index compiled by the Dutch security firm Gemalto.

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