Crane operators’ demo stalls Ctg port container handling

Container handling at some jetties at Chittagong Harbor was hampered yesterday as ship crane operators held a one-hour event about financial benefits.

They demanded that they be listed with the Port Workers Unit to obtain the benefits of a listed worker.

The protest touched four jetties of container ships under GCB Terminal and four jetties in the new mooring container terminal, Fazle Ekram Chowdhury, president of Ship Handling and Terminal Operators Owners Association, said Daily Star.

Several hundred workers under the banner of the Chittagong Port Workers' League organized processions from different regions, including Barik Building Moor and Saltgola Crossing, to meet at a meeting at the Nimtala intersection around 10:30 am. Dockers, merchants, stowage workers had already been enlisted in the unit, although an order from the Ministry of Transportation was already there to include crane operators in the list, said Mir Nawshad Ali, the president of the league.

Ali later threatened to make harder moves if their demands were not met.

Chowdhury stated that the request contradicted labor contracts because crane operators were employed by private operators of berths, ships and terminals, and not by the port.

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