Carmakers face hefty CO2 fines from 2021: study

Renowned automakers, including Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler, face fines of up to billions of dollars for failing to meet the new, difficult European carbon dioxide emission limits 2021, a study was found.

"Only four of the 11 carmakers expect to achieve the EU 2021 CO2 target, with the remainder facing significant fines," researchers said on Friday. of the British firm PA Consulting in a statement.

The EU countries agreed in 2014 that car manufacturers should limit CO2 emissions to 95 grams per kilometer across their entire model range within seven years.

The figure for 2015 was about 130 grams per kilometer on average.

If the target is not reached, groups must pay fines of 95 euros ($ 114) per gram on the limit multiplied by the number of cars they sell in 2020 .

"Most motorists will face penalties", especially German manufacturers who often offer larger and more polluting engines, according to study authors.

"There is nothing less than a revolution facing the automotive industry and manufacturers who fail to cope with potential fines in the billions," Thomas said Goettle, PA Automotive Specialist.

The German BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler, the American Ford, the Italian-American Chrysler, the PSA of France and Hyundai of South Korea will not be able to control their emissions before the deadline, according to the study.

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