Agora chairman granted bail | The Daily Star

The president of Agora Super Shop, Niaz Rahim, was released on bail today after being sentenced to two years in jail in two adulterated ghee sales cases in 2008.

Dhaka Mehedi Pavel Sweet's special magistrate of the Court of Pure Food granted bail to Niaz Rahim in the cases on condition that he appealed the sentence and sentence in the 30 days.

Niaz, who is one of the directors of the Rahimafrooz business group, was released on bail after filing two petitions seeking bail in the cases.

Following bail orders, he was released.

Earlier in the day, another special magistrate of the court sentenced Niaz Rahim and ordered the police to send him to prison with the warrant of guilt.

The court also fined him Tk 50,000 in each case, failing which he would serve an additional two months in prison.

Niaz Rahim may appeal to the judge of the session or the judge of the Metropolitan Conference against his conviction and the sentence pronounced by the court of pure food under section 41C of the & # 39; 39, Order on Pure Food, 1959.

The article says: "An appeal against the judgment of a pure food court will be brought before the judge of the sessions or the judge of the metropolitan sessions, within 30 (thirty) days according to the case."

According to the case reports, health inspector Fakhruddin Mobarok of Dhaka City seized the adulterated ghee of Agora Super Shop in the Maghbazar region in the capital on August 18, 2008 and has filed two separate cases in court against Niaz Rahim.

After hearing the charges in the cases, the court made accusations against the president of Agora on November 10, 2008.

During the trial, the court recorded the statements of four prosecution witnesses and five defense witnesses.

The adulterated ghee sample was collected at the outlet of Agora in Moghbazar.

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