4G services by December: Tarana

Mobile operators will be able to launch high-speed 4G data services in December this year, following the government's launch of the spectrum in November, 39. State for Posts and Telecommunications.

"Bangladesh will mark a milestone in the digitization process by launching 4G," said Tarana Halim at a press conference at her Dhaka office in the afternoon


The government expects to earn Tk 11,000 crore from the spectrum auction, she said.

Despite this, operators will be able to provide 4G data service at low prices, said Tarana in his speech.

Senior officers of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and Secretary of Posts and Telecommunications, Shyam Sunder Sikder, also attended the conference.

Last week, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who also heads the Ministry of Telecommunications, approved the 4G directive.

According to the guideline, the BTRC will put 36.4 megahertz of spectrum into three bands at the auction.

Approximately 25 MHz in 2100 bands, 18 MHz in 1800 bands and 3.4 MHz in spectra of 900 bands will be available at the auction.

The government fixed a floor price of $ 27 million per MHz in 2100 bands and $ 30 million per MHz in the bands of 1800 and 900.

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